Hats for Taiwan

This is our Norwegian Knit Hat Store! As many of you know, I have some strong ties to Norway. That strong tie would be my mother, who was born and raised in Bergen, Norway. And being Norwegian, she has quite the knack for knitting beautiful Norwegian hats and sweaters.  You are welcome to purchase one of these that are already made, or you can request a hat in colors of your choice, in one of these designs that you see below:  snowflakes, reindeer, or children holding hands (as seen in the photo below).  These are all classic Norwegian designs, and all beautifully hand-knit by my amazing mother, Ingegjerd (most people call her Ia...that's ee-uh).   When we were in the process of adopting our twins, we sold these to help with our expenses.  Now it's our friends' turn!  Our dearest friends, Cara Dee and Jacob, are adopting a little one (maybe two!) from Taiwan.  100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards bringing their little one(s) home!  Follow their amazing journey right HERE.  Shop here and get some of that Christmas shopping done!  Thanks for stopping by!
*All hats are an acrylic/wool blend.
My friend's twin boys are sportin' the Norwegian craft.
Directions for purchase:
1. Pick out your favorite hat!
2. Leave a comment saying which hat you want.
3. Double check the comments to make sure no one else has chosen it.
4. Hit the donate tab on the right-hand side of this blog, type in a minimum of $30 (this includes shipping) and hit "donate"! (don't forget to give us your shipping address!)
5. If you want a different hat other than what is in the store currently (like a hat that has your school's colors, and maybe even the letters that represent your school, even though we can't claim they technically stand for your school, because we can't technically sell those kinds of things, if you get my drift), just leave a comment or send me an email at mullinsadoption@gmail.com and let me know exactly what you want: colors, approximate size, design (snowflakes, children, or reindeer), tassels or pom at the top of hat, etc etc.  Also let us know if you need an infant hat, as those will be a bit smaller than the child size.  All hats are $30, no matter which size you choose.  Thank you for your support of the Cecil Family!
6. We will most likely only be selling about a total of 30 or so before Christmas, as my mother only has two hands, and can knit about 1 hat per day, meaning we will only be doing orders for the next couple of weeks.  So get your order in early, or you may not get one before Christmas!  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at mullinsadoption@gmail.com

#1 Child
#2 Child
#3 Adult
#4 Adult
#5 Adult
#6 Adult
#7 Adult
#8 Adult
#9 Adult



  1. Hat #2 has been ordered and is no longer available, but others can be made. :)

  2. #1, #3, and #6 are no longer available! Thank you! -nina

  3. #9 is no longer available. Thank you!-nina

  4. #8 is no longer available. Thank you!-nina