Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You can't always guess God's plans

Okay, seriously. I Really have no clue as to how God works sometimes, or why He does the things He does. I could pretend to have an answer, but I truly don't. Okay, straight to the point.

About two weeks ago, our church had entered into a weeklong time of 24/7 prayer. Honestly, I didn't feel much throughout any of my scheduled times there. I continued to pray, though, and I pretty much stuck to playing my guitar and singing the Psalms. One night in the middle of the week (the night of Sept. 2nd going into the 3rd), I had a dream about Gautam & Rekha. This is a couple I spent a ton of time with when I lived in Nepal. I loved them dearly, and the love was mutual. I dreamt I was in a large hall, kind of like a big school gymnasium, with the stage at the front. There were tons of people there, with long rectangular tables set up throughout the room. The tables appeared to all be set up for a meal. I was sitting down together with Gautam & Rekha, and the thing that struck me the most was that Rekha's English was much improved (when I lived there, Rekha spoke very little English). Unfortunately, we couldn't hear each other very well, because there were so many people there, and a lot of noise. So the three of us decided to leave the hall and go for a walk. We went from the hall, directly into a multilevel parking garage. I really don't remember what we talked about. I just remember how happy I was to see them again.

I don't know what all that translates into, but I believe it was a God dream. Because of it, my heart was awakened to Nepal again. I feel as if my heart for the nations has laid dormant these past 2 or 3 years. And now, I feel as if something is stirring within me. That same week, Wes felt God speaking to him about Nepal. And he also mentioned adopting from Nepal. Both of us started kind of getting excited about it. That's a FIRST!!!! Wes and I have not been on the same page, emotionally, about adoption since we started this journey. This was another indicator that we needed to pay good attention to what the Spirit is saying.

So a week later, on September 9th of 2009, we sent in our preliminary application to Kentucky Adoption Services. On September, 12th, they approved it. On September 14th, we sent in our formal application. And once that is approved, we will one of the final two or three spots left for Nepal in 2010. WOW!!!

So what's next? Well, immigration papers and home studies. We're used to collecting paperwork and home studies. Working with the State has prepared us for that. And what about the foster care/adoption route with the State, you may ask? Well, I think we will be putting that on hold as we embark on our journey to adopt from Nepal (there are many regulations on international adoptions, and having a child enter our home from the State right now might halt our international adoption process). We feel that this is the route we are supposed to take, and honestly I am SO excited! I have a little bit of fear that wells up once in awhile, and that fear concerns Wes's medical history. Since he has had a form of cancer, it puts a little black mark on our applications, but we are hoping that it won't make a difference. Where's the money coming from? No idea! :) We are able to kick start the adoption process with a very generous gift, and after that we have about $20,000 to go. Ironically, the biggest road block (rather the excuse that I used) for international adoption for me was the insanely large amount of money that goes into it. Money we don't have. But now it seems like nothing. YEs, another indicator we are moving in the right direction. Wow. We have no idea where the rest of the money is coming from, but we know that God will provide. Isn't that crazy! :)

Now Nepal is a crazy unstable country when it comes to their government, so you never know what will happen next. But I think God is just asking us to trust Him. If all goes according to plan, then we should be traveling to Nepal in a year or so to pick up our little one. Isnt' that nuts! To think that some Nepali woman is probably pregnant with a child right now that is going to be our son or daughter! HOly crap! That's amazing!

So for the select few that actually read this blog (thank you faithful ones!), be praying for us. Pray for our hearts. Pray for patience. Pray for finances to come in. Pray for this child that's about to come into the world! Pray for the child's birth mother and father. Just pray!

Thank you all. I will definitely be writing more in the future as we go through this process. Frustrations, joys, and all.

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