Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We've Been Approved!

Ah yes, two posts in one day! But I simply had to write a little snippet, sharing with everyone that we have been approved by our agency! So we just made it into the last two spots for 2010! Yeah! So what does all that mean? Simply that they will be sending out all of our paperwork tomorrow for the agency agreement and piles of information to get everything started. So here it begins. How am I going to stay calm and patient for possibly over a year of waiting! :)

And yes this is a slightly old picture, which has been scanned on my horribly inept scanner. But it is meaningful to me, all the same. The pic is of me and my Nepali friend, Rekha. This is moments before I had my nose pierced with a giant stud in a store on the side of the street. Ah, the memories....

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