Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can I freak out for just a moment?

Yesterday morning I woke up and couldn't stop thinking about the upcoming possibility of having an infant in our home.  Holy crap!  This is for real! I mean, there could be a little baby in our home any day now.  Does anyone else realize this?  Wes seems to be just coasting along with the idea.  Apparently, for him it just isn't real until it's real.  Whatever....he's crazy.  :)  

Anyways, for me it's like these moments hit me like waves with the reality of it all, and I get a little freaked out for a moment or two.  I don't know how the heck to be a mom!  I know, I'll come naturally;  We'll figure it out; We'll make great parents....Yes, I realize the nicety of all these comments, but STILL!!!  Come on guys!  They could call us tomorrow and say, "Hey, can you be ready to take a baby in the next hour?"  Oh yeah, sure....bring 'em on over.  No problem.   One moment we're a childless couple with a Christmas tree, two cats, and an empty crib.  The next, we're changing diapers, and trying to figure out what in the world our baby eats!  

Okay, it will be fine.  I know.  I'm sure of it.  But it's still a little nerve-wracking.  No doubt about it.  

So tonight was our last class.  We got loaded up with all of the practical info on the financial side of things.  It was good.  And we also got to hear about what other kind of support was available for us and our children.  We got our certificate of completion.  We're pretty much ready to go.  We've got our home study on Christmas Eve, but that's it.  

Yes, a little crazy.  I feel so unprepared, but I guess no one ever feels completely prepared.  We don't know what the timing of all this will be.  I keep feeling there is something special about Christmas day (aside from the obvious holiday aspect!).  But I don't know.  We'll see.  We are just trusting absolutely that God knows the exact date and time of all of this, and who our little one will be.  It's strange to think that they are probably already in the world somewhere.  It's only a matter of time....ah, let the peace come....

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  1. Hey Nina :) It's Wes's friend Cindy.....I'm praying that you get your baby soon!