Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How far will we trust?

Yes, there are stories of political unrest in Nepal. These stories are not new. It has been going on in Nepal for a long time. Unfortunately, as I read through various adoption blogs of those who are adopting from Nepal, a mutual vein of fear and worry is pulsating and picking up pace. I can't fault any parent-to-be for feeling these things. We all long to see our child face to face. We all wonder when our day will come. And when "bad" news flows through the waves of communication for those of us adopting from Nepal, the feeling of panic seems to spread. But.....my question for those of us who have felt God clearly lead us onto this path of adoption from Nepal is, "How far are we willing to trust God in this?" Does our trust come to an unwavering halt when widespread cyber-worry strikes? When the circumstances of a country's government seem to go haywire, do we lose hope? I hope not, because then all of this is meaningless. My hope does not lie in the stability of Nepal's government. My hope doesn't lie in my adoption agency. My hope doesn't lie in the Nepali government officials who are over international adoptions. My hope lies in the One who created the heavens and the earth. My hope lies in the One who gave me breath and created every hair on my head. My hope lies in the One who saved my life. My hope lies in Jesus Christ, Lord of every moment and plan in my life. So when everything seems unstable, bound up, and crazy in the natural, the Spirit of the Lord is on the move, and in that move you will find freedom, peace, and joy.

Wes and I can't control what happens with this adoption process. What little we could control (collecting paperwork for our dossier), is now done, and now we can only wait. I know something miraculous is going to happen. I EXPECT something miraculous to happen. What will I gain if I worry and live in fear? If everything falls through with the Nepal adoption program, is God any less sovereign? No. He is still on the throne, and His ways are still perfect.

I will not put my trust in any man or government. I can't. Because men will fail. Governments will fail. But the Lord God Almighty will NEVER fail. No matter what happens, my God rejoices over me, and I know He has the best for my family. That, my friends, is something to get excited about.


  1. Yup...we are in the exact situation that you are and I agree with every word you said. It will happen and soon. I believe that with every ounce of my being that there is going to be a miracle in the next few weeks.

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  3. Right there with ya in Owensboro! God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

  4. Yes, God will never fail, and as a friend of mine once said, "Heaven is open".