Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tell me about Korah...

I don't know much about Korah, but I am learning.  I have never been, but I hope to go.

I do know that Korah is in Ethiopia.  I do know that it is a place that no human being would choose to live in if they had a choice.  Here are a few facts that I borrowed from another blogger's page (she recently went to Korah and has been forever changed).

A few facts about Korah:
  • Korah in Amharic means "cursed".
  • 75 years ago the Ethiopian government moved everyone with leprosy to this area of Addis Ababa.
  • Approximately 100,000 people live in the slums of Korah - the "outcasts" of society.
  • The city dump is located in Korah.
  • The people, both adults and children, spend their days digging through the dump searching for anything to eat or sell.
  • God is alive and well in Korah thanks to Pastor Sammy Liben and Project 61 Ministries. They have started an education sponsorship program for the children of Korah.
(To learn more about the history of Korah, you can go here.)

    So yesterday, for some reason, Korah kept coming to my mind.  I have seen several of my fellow adoptive parent bloggers writing about this community in Ethiopia.  Today, my favorite blogger and friend, Kari Smalley Gibson, is spending time in Korah.  I have a feeling she will be writing more about her experience once she gets home, so stay tuned.  What I am learning is overwhelming.  You may also know that Wes and I have been praying about how we might make some lifestyle/financial changes in our lives in such a way that impact the world for God's Kingdom and His Glory.  Well, when Wes came home yesterday, out of the blue he says, "I want to sponsor another child."  Ummmm....okay....random.  Or maybe not.  ;)  We already sponsor a little girl in India through Compassion International.  Compassion is a wonderful sponsorship program that I recommend everyone look into.  If you ever wonder if you make a difference through sponsorship, just check out this video.  Warning:  Excessive crying may capture you by surprise.  In a good way, of course.
    So, anyways, back to my point....Wes mentions that he wants to sponsor another child, and that very same day I am looking at this website asking for sponsors for children in Korah.  Ummm....yeah...I think we have a winner.  I told him about Project 61 (well, the little I have learned in the last couple of days), and after about a second of thinking about it, we were both on board.  We have already been praying for ways that God can use us to further His Kingdom, so we didn't really feel like we needed to pray more about it.  This was one such way.  So I encourage all of you to check it out, and ask God if He is asking you to stretch yourselves financially, in order to make a HUGE impact in the lives of children in Ethiopia and beyond.  It might hurt a little, but I think God wants us to go beyond what's comfortable.  He wants us to live radical lives for Him.  If you haven't already, start asking Him what being radical looks like in your lives.  Be prepared, though.  If you ask, He will answer, and you better be prepared to be obedient.  That's the hard part for us human beings.  ;)

    If you want to learn more about sponsoring a child in Korah, go here.
    If you want to see a little more about life in Korah, please watch this video.  It might just rock your world.
    And one more thing...If you have been to Korah, and want to tell me more, leave me a comment, or even email me at mullinsadoption@gmail.com 
    I want to know more! 

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    1. We spent time in Korah. We fell in love with Sammy and he became like family to us. We worked at Bright Hope School (in Korah, one of our agencies humanitarian projects) and we went into the town to see the work going on through Sammy and Bright Hope Church. We also visited the city dump - you can see our videos on our mission blog - www.arecklessabandon.com

      I've also decided that if we ever make it out to KY again - I want some family pictures ala Nina style. ;)