Friday, April 15, 2011

Thoughts on America from Alex & Eliana....

So we (the infamous Alex & Eliana) felt like our mom was kind of monopolizing the blog, and we weren't getting a word in edge-wise.  So we thought we'd take over today and tell you all about our adventures here in America.

Ah, America.  We had heard so much about it, but nothing could have prepared us for all the wonderful adventures we were about to embark upon.  It's been a great first 2 days here. 

Apparently Mamma has been raving about this thing called a stroller.  She was so excited about it, but we don't understand what all the fuss is about.  I mean, we were very content with the cool Ergos.  We got to be so close to Mamma & Daddy.  Now in this stroller thing, we are strapped into a seat, and aren't allowed to crawl out of it.  We can't even see our mom and dad when they are pushing us around in it.  Oh well.  Maybe they'll get tired of it and put us back in those comfy Ergos.

Okay, so maybe the stroller's not that bad.  We get to eat food and play with stuff while we're riding in it. 

So for dinner one night, Mamma & Daddy took us to their favorite restaurant with our Bestemor & Bestefar (we hear that's Norwegian for Grandma & Grandpa).  Outback Steakhouse.  We heard something about them being kind of "obsessed" with this restaurant, but we're not sure what that means.  All we know is that their bread is delicious!  We ate loads of it!  Mamma & Daddy seemed pretty happy too. 

We've gotten all kinds of new toys here in America.  Mamma put us in these crazy weird contraptions that play music and all kinds of dangling toys.  We weren't too sure about them at first, but realize now that they are SO fun to play in.

We also met our new big sister, Blue.  We thought that a big sister might look a little more like us, but Mamma & Daddy know everything, so they must know what they're talking about.  She is WAY cool.  She has lots of hair and it is really soft.  We were a little scared of her for the first few minutes, but now we can't get enough of her kisses and hugs.  

We try to share our food with her too.  She seems to like it.

Sometimes she tries to eat our food, though, and we don't like that as much. 

We love our Bestemor and Bestefar.  They are always really nice to us, and buy us lots of toys and clothes.  

We are also learning that our Daddy LOVES basketball.  He and Mamma also love something called the Kentucky Wildcats.  They keep putting clothes on us that say Kentucky Wildcats on them.  Hmmmm....Well, we thought we'd look into some basketballs to see what all the fuss is about.  They are actually kind of cool. 

I (Alex) know...I've already got great form.

Mamma put me (Eliana) in this really pretty outfit.  She says it makes me look really "habesha".  I think that means Ethiopian.  It was really fun to wear.  I liked it so much I peed in it.  Mamma didn't seem to like that too much, though.

One thing we don't like very much is the "jail".  Mamma & Daddy try to call it a gate, but we know better.  One day when we get strong enough, we are going to break through it!

So that's all for now.  We think we're really going to like it here.  America is awesome!  We do miss eating injera every day in Ethiopia, though.  Hopefully we can eat some soon!


  1. We are so glad you guys made it home safe!!! So many people were praying and our prayers were answered. The kids are just adorable! So happy for your family:). God bless! Grant & Vanessa

  2. Got to admit, those kiddos of your almost...ALMOST....make that UK blue look good. :) Just kidding, they are adorable and so glad to hear of your safe arrive back home. Home. Home. You are home!!! Congrats on a blessed family!!!

  3. Looks like they are settling in nicely :) They are two VERY blessed children to have such amazing parents!

  4. Welcome home. Glad to see the kids are doing well.

  5. such a sweet blog to read. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us all!!

  6. Oh, it is so fun to see your blog updated and know that you are now where you want to be - HOME!! I have a bro. that lives in Lexington, KY!!

  7. So, So, So, adorable. Thanks for sharing Alexis & Eliana.

  8. I have been checking every day for an update! I am so glad that you are home, safe with your babies! Congratulations!


  9. freaking love the stroller!!!!!