Sunday, May 8, 2011

Does Mother's Day Include Me???

So today is Mother's Day.  Apparently, I am supposed to be included in the celebrations of this day.  I'm a mom.  Weird.  Really???

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends (who is also a new mom) tweeted about something she wanted for Mother's Day.  And then all of a sudden it hit me....that must mean I'm a part of this celebration too.  Wha'???!!!

You see, in so many ways I don't feel like a mom, or at least what I always thought a mom should feel like.  I guess I always felt like the day I became a mother, this supernatural gift would come down from above, and make me the most selfless and angelic/patient creature on the planet (well, at least in my own home).  Ummmm....yeah....that didn't happen.  Honestly, if anything, being a mother has once again shown me how I am still pretty selfish, and I am ANYthing but angelic.

It's amazing how the blood pressure can start raising when I hear the high-pitched screams of my little girl.  It's amazing how infuriated I can get when my persistent son continues to disobey.  Hmmmm....where is that angelic patience I was hoping for?  And then when they wake up from their afternoon nap before I am finished resting.....????  Uh, hello?  Don't they know I need a rest?!  Hmmmm...apparently I haven't gotten the supernatural selflessness thing yet either.

But, I can't deny that these two bring so much joy to my world.  They make me laugh ALL the time.  Honestly, the funny and sweet things they do are much more plentiful than the disobedience and screaming.  I.  Love.  Them.  They really are amazing.  I realized that being a mom is going to look different for me in some ways, than it may look for my friends.  We all have different experiences, and our children are all very different.  This world that I live in now is what motherhood looks like for me.  And ain't bad.  ;)

These guys are incredibly good when we go shopping (especially if they have cookies to chew on).  And sometimes I can't help but play a little dress up.
I can't get enough of this picture.  Seriously, they are so incredibly cute!  Oh how I love them!

Some say that you know you're a mom when you get a minivan.  Well, I must be a mom, because I am rockin' that minivan!
And, of course I have to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my own mom.  Mamma, you are a sweet and kind woman, who gave me life and helped me become who I am today.  I love you, Mamma!

And finally, I want to send a million Amasagenalo's to the woman who gave birth to my children.  There is no way I can ever say thank you enough.  I know the tremendous sacrifice you made.  I know how brave you were to give your children a chance at life.  Thank you, forever and ever.  


  1. Happy 1st mothers day Nina,so happy for you!

  2. SO sweet, such a great message Nina. Happy Mother's Day to a great mother!!!

  3. Happy mother's day, you know how to rock that minivan. You have 2 of the most adorable cuties ever!!! God bless!

  4. Happy Mother's Day Nina- what a special day- I am so very happy that the Lord put these two precious children in your care!