Monday, June 6, 2011

First steps....

Okay, so maybe I have already posted this on facebook and sent it via text messages and emails, but seriously, I am just way too excited about this to not post it on the blog.  I know what you're thinking....What could be so monumental?  Well, it's not really monumental to anyone but the members of this family.  Alex started walking a couple of days ago, and today he took more than just a couple of steps.  SO exciting!  I can't believe how emotional I got about it.  I must love these kiddos or something.  ;)  Eliana should get really motivated now.  She doesn't want her brother to out-do her.  


  1. How exciting! He is a pro at this walking thing...very impressive.

  2. oh my goodness. first- it is so good to HEAR YOUR VOICE!! I've missed you.
    second, so good to see Alex. I'm not on FB these days and I am so thankful you posted this monumental moment on your blog! WOW!! Alex! Amazing!! Right in time for his first birthday.
    I got a little choked up too, seeing him and hearing the emotion in your voice.
    Big moment in the Mullins house.
    Cheering you all on and loving you all the way from Oregon.

  3. Bex-YAY!!! SOOOO happy to see your comment on here! It truly was amazing when it happened. I seriously got choked up. XOXOXOXOXO