Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Christmas Tree with Black and White Memories...

I know, I know...I've been terrible.  I haven't updated anyone.  I guess I figure most people follow me on facebook and follow our family adventures there, and I get lazy.  But just for fun, I thought I'd post pictures from our first Christmas preparations as a family of 4.  It's so strange to think that this time last year we had seen their faces, but had never held them.  We had been dreaming about them for years, but had no idea what to expect when we finally met them.  And here we are a year later, putting up a tree together, in anticipation of my favorite holiday!  I decided to make it all black and white today.  At heart, I am a documentary photojournalist, but sometimes I forget my roots.  I love shooting weddings, and setting up beautiful, fine art portraits, but for this post, I got back to the good stuff.  I just took pics of the kids and Wes as they worked and played.  I love seeing the curiosity in their eyes, and the excitement of something new in the house.  Even Blue got in the action.  Such a great dog!  I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into a few of our family moments!

Okay, so maybe it's not a real tree, and you've got to get the right size branches in the right spots, but it's still pretty when all is said and done! 

They are not really allowed to touch the tree or ornaments now that it's up, but for the first few minutes we let them explore.  

Alex loves to say, "Wooooowww!", now.  So cute!

I think Eliana had just pushed Alex's hand away from the tree, and I made her say she was sorry, and give him a hug.  

All our babies with Daddy.

There is no one they get more excited to see than Daddy!  Eliana is our little hugger.


  1. I love this!!! I also want to know how you got your pictures with captions. :)

  2. Beautiful babies!

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful Christmas tree, beautiful family.

  4. Throughout our adoption process it has become a custom for my husband and I to check out your blog. Thanks for being encouraging!