Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And So We Wait....

Right now I am sitting in the office. Wes is sitting at the kitchen table working on client invoices for Nina Mullins Photography. Sati (cat number 1) is crying, dying to come into the kitchen to Wes, but too afraid of the dog to make the leap. Blue is intrigued by Sati's cry, and is dying to be friends with her, but alas, no cats in this house appreciate Blue's presence. The constant hissing is evidence of that. It is raining outside. It is warm and cozy inside this house. And all is well.

So many people keep asking me how long until we get our baby. Nearly every other day. If it were anything else, it would be extremely frustrating, but I can't fault people for asking me this. They are excited, just as we are. But the wait is long. It's funny. Even though we only started this process a little over a month ago, it seems like everyone is wondering why we don't have our baby yet, or they are thinking it will happen next month. But alas, it will probably be another 11 months. That is all I have to report. There is not much else to say about the time frame. Only, I hope that there is a fluke, and our dossier slips in ahead of everyone else's, and we are called in January with a referral. But this is probably what everyone hopes for (did I sound selfish for saying that?). So again, I am SO thankful for the peace God has given me for the timing of everything. I just KNOW it's going to be perfect! Yes my heart aches to have a child in our home, a son or a daughter (maybe both!), but I can wait.

I am thankful for this time with Wes. I am thankful for this time to enjoy our two cats and our sweet Blue. I couldn't ask for more (but I still do!). Life is good, and I thank God for it.

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  1. Hello Wes & Nina,
    I was Googling Nepal and adoption and came across your website! We met in Owensboro at the church at the first "class" for our adoption. We too just finished our Dossier and are in the wait zone now! I love your blogs and found them so similar to our experiences. P.S. We hope your husband is feeling better!

    Waiting in Owensboro,

    Kevin & Amy Lowe