Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dossier Completed! Well, pretty much.....

Okay, I sent out pretty much every important document that we own in the mail today. It has been a hectic week, and I know our agency's workers are probably sick of my calls, but it is done! All I have left to send in is one more bank statement (still waiting on this since we have only been at our bank 2 and a half months, and we need 3 for nepal), and of course our USCIS paperwork (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Speaking of which, we ran into our first roadblock yesterday. It's bound to happen, but it kind of sucks when you travel all the way to Louisville to hit it. Oh well. :) We went to Louisville to hand in our "Application for Advanced Processing of Orphan Petition", and to get fingerprinted. All of this paperwork is basically for the US government to say we are eligible to adopt internationally. Well, when we walked up to the window on time for our appointment that we had made just last week, the seriously unfriendly lady at the window said we could no longer apply in person. She said that our adoption agency should have known this. Yeah right! I asked her when she found out about it, and she said, "Oh, we only found out the day we received this memo." (a week ago from yesterday, which is when the new "rule" took affect!) So anyways, she offered to send it in for us (whoopi...yes, a little bit of sarcasm there), so we wrote out the check, handed it over, and now wait for them to send us an appointment for fingerprints, at which point we will have to return to Louisville. And so goes the adoption journey. :) We DID thank God for the parking spot right out front, though. That was nice!

So anyways, that put a possible delay on getting our dossier to Nepal, but we continue to believe that God's timing is so perfect, and we KNOW that the perfect baby will be in our arms at just the right time.

But now I can rest a little easy since I have put that stack of papers in the mail. It has consumed my mind this last week, and every morning I've awakened way too early with thoughts of whether or not I've done everything right, or whether or not the notaries have signed and dated everything correctly. It's been quite the ride, with only more to come.

Now we just wait.....wait....wait....

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  1. bumps along the way...frustrating...irritating...growing! ugh. I hate growing. haha. Love you!! Soooo excited!