Monday, January 11, 2010

So What's New with the Adoption?

Haha.  That's not really meant to be a title, but an example of the exact question Wes and I are asked nearly every day.  It's funny, because when you start the adoption process, they really want to prepare you for the questions and comments you will be hearing throughout the adoption process, and once the child is in your home.  Really, the only question we get these days is at the top of this blog:  "What's new with the adoption?"  I really can't fault people for asking this question, because it is one I would ask if I were not the one adopting.  Yes, of course it gets old after awhile, but I can't lash out at people for asking something because they really just want to know how you are doing.  Once upon a time, I worked for the airlines, and every day (several times a day), someone would come up to me and ask me if this was the Northwest counter.  It didn't matter that directly behind me there was a giant three-dimensional sign that said Continental.  It didn't matter that directly to my right, three feet away,  there was a counter with Northwest employees and an equally giant sign that said Northwest.  They were genuine in their question (and it IS a well known fact that people check their brains at the door when they enter an much stress comes with air travel!), so in turn, I had to be genuine in my response.  And I pointed to the right of me, smiled, and said, "No, sir.  Northwest is right over there."  Even though it was the millionth time I had told someone that exact thing, and part of me wanted to roll my eyes and say, "Hey buddy can you READ?!", I knew they weren't trying to be annoying or ignorant.  They were just in a hurry, weren't really paying attention, and just needed someone to be kind to them, because for them, it was the FIRST time they had asked that question.  So you're probably wondering why I told that boring story, and begging me to get to the point, which I really already did, but felt like going down memory lane for a moment....  My point is, I'm glad people care enough to ask.   Even though I tell people I will send out an update when we have one, people still ask, and I still have to tell people that we are just waiting.  It's okay.

Having said all that, I have an update.  Bahaha.  If you got this far in the post, then I know you REALLY care.  :)  I spoke with the coordinator from the Nepal program today at our adoption agency.  At this time, Nepal has ceased accepting applications/dossiers for adoption.  They currently have around 400 dossiers to sort through and match children with from across the globe.  Apparently the staff at the Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare (the part of the Nepali government that processes adoptions) are fairly new, and they are also in a learning curve as they are trying to get children home to their adoptive families.  Until they can get things sorted out (for lack of a better way of saying it), they will not accept any more applications for adoption.  No, this does not mean they have closed adoptions in Nepal.  Many feel this is a positive, even though it doesn't sound like it.  What this means is that Nepal will not be receiving any money for adoptions with this cessation.  It also means that many agencies may not be giving the $5000 donations to the orphanages, until processing begins again.  This probably means that the orphanages will be putting pressure on the Ministry to get adoptions processed because they are not receiving the usual income needed to run their facilities.  All in all, there is going to be a definite deficit in their funding.  We are hoping this will cause the pace to quicken in their processing of adoptions, which in turn will quicken the chance for dossiers to be submitted to the Nepali government, which in turn will bring many children without parents into a loving home.  Does that make sense?  Anyways, once we receive our approval to adopt from the government (which should be in the next few weeks or so), we are going to go ahead and send our dossier to Nepal, and let the dossier sit in the hands of our Nepali contact over there.  And once they started receiving new applications again, we will hand that dossier over.

Our hearts are not disappointed.  Are faith does not grow faint.  Our hope continues to be great, and our trust in a sovereign God even greater.  No, I am no superhero in the faith.  I have my down days, and days where I wonder why it has to be so stinkin' hard to bring a baby into our home.  But I know that in the end, so much of this will make sense.  And I have to believe that God has our best interests at heart.  I recently found out that my brother and sister-in-law are adopting two children from Ethiopia.  I am SO excited!  So many children need parents!  And now my family is getting more and more international, and grabbing a hold of God's heart for orphans.  It's awesome!  But I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a little jealous at times.  Ethiopia seems like a pretty stable program, and babies seem to be flying home to their parents every day.  With Nepal it seems like a snail's pace of a program, with no guarantees.  But I continue to believe this is where God has led us, and until He tells us differently, Nepal is where we are headed.  Could that change?  If God wants to change it....yes.  So we are just trying to go with the flow, wherever that flow may take us.  But right now, I am assuming our little boy or girl is somewhere in Nepal, in some mother's womb, or newly brought in to an orphanage.  Only God knows, but that is enough to make my heart content.  What good will worrying do us?  That will add nothing to our joy or our trust in the One who has even made this all possible.

So that is just what I have to keep telling myself, and THAT is what's new with the adoption.

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  1. Hello! My name is Heather Robinson, and my husband - Andrew - and I are adopting a baby from Nepal. We live in the northwest. Our dossier got registered in Nepal on Dec. 15, 2009. I'm happy to see your post about the Nepal news because it is the same news we received from our agency. It's always nice to see consistency in an inconsistent program. Anyway...would love to connect as you are able. My e-mail address is: Our blog is:
    Blessings to you as you await your child,