Friday, June 18, 2010

7777....and it's just perfect.

So I dropped by my blog and saw that I was visitor 7777!  Wow, could it be that many have stopped by here in the past couple of years?  Well, 7000 of those hits were probably by my mother, who is admittedly my biggest fan, but I'll take the other 777 visitors with great joy also.  Plus, I kind of like all the 7's.  :)

I feel encouraged today, because I got to spend time on the phone talking with another amazing adoptive mother.  She is a beautifully loud voice in our adoption community, and I was overjoyed to finally speak with her and pray with her.  We both agree that we are destined to meet and work together in some capacity at some point in the future.  I can't wait!!!

My point is, we all need each other so much.  When we feel like we are in the dumps, and the last thing we want to do is call someone, that is exactly what we should do.  The enemy is trying to thwart our every last effort at caring for the orphan, and he would like nothing better than to see us crumpled up in the corner in a heap of defeat.  We must not concede.  As believers, we are connected to such a vast network of people.  Add to that all of us who are connected to adoption in some way or form, and the network gets even tighter and stronger.  I LOVE the Body of Christ! Why don't we tap into it more often?  It's called a Body for a reason.  No part functions at its fullest potential without all the other parts at work too.

So if today is a tough adoption know the kind where you don't know if you can stand to wait another day for a referral....or the kind of day where you wonder if your new baby will ever bond with you....or the kind of day where you wonder if you will be able to raise up your little one to be a strong man or woman of God....if today is one of those days, don't go through it alone.  First, tap into JC, because there ain't nothin' better....and THEN, tap into the Body that is standing ready to come to your aid.  Call a your favorite adoption something.  Just don't do it alone.  We need each other, and if we start truly taking hold of all that God has to offer with His big ol' family, only then will we realize that there is nothing that can bring us down. 


  1. I'm sooo happy to be the 7787th visitor to one of my favorite bloggy sisters in adoption!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for calling me today and praying for me!! You are my blessing today!!!! BTW I love your blog:)))

    Your friend,

  2. Dearest Crazy,
    You are the BEST!!!

  3. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Needed this reminder and encouragement. Thanks. :)

  4. My sister just sent me a link to your blog because I just got back from Ethiopia... my heart is there with those children and I cannot explain to you (but it doesnt seem like I need to!) how thrilled I am to see family after family who has such a heart for Africa and for orphans.
    Will continue to follow your story. Amazing to think, as I am friends with Miss Natalie and Jordan who you posted pictures of earlier, our paths must have crossed before.
    Keep writing :). Praying for you and your family - especially as it grows.