Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meetcha Day for the Grandparents...

On Saturday my crazy supportive parents arrived in Addis Abeba.  They are here for 2 weeks and are soaking up every moment.  If there were a prize for most enthusiastic grandparents, I think they would win it. One thing is for sure…I could never complain about lacking support from my family throughout this adoption.  They have been amazing.

On Sunday morning Wes, my parents, and I first went to another orphanage and shot a Meetcha Day for another family with our agency. It was simply beautiful.  And for 3 hours we just got to hang out and spend time with all the children there.  It was such a blessing.

After that, we had lunch at Cloud 9 and then headed over to our orphanage, so my parents could meet their grandchildren for the first time.  And wonder of wonders…Alex was sleeping (yay!).  So Eliana was grandchild number one to meet the grandparents.

I walked her out as Wes had the video going, and the waterworks began…on my parents’ part.  ☺

I handed Eliana to my mom, and both her and my dad just cried and cried as Eliana just shined her big beautiful smile.

After about 5 or 10 minutes, Alex had woken up, so grandchild number two was walked out (actually, Alex & Eliana are grandchildren numbers six & seven).  More tears fell.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and I am so thankful for my parents and all their amazing support.

*unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of them with Alex without his face showing, so I can’t show you those yet.  But hopefully in just a couple of days I will be able to!


  1. So thrilled for all of you!! Give a big hug to Bob & Ia and to Eliana & Alex for me (and take all their hugs back)!! Can't wait to see all of ya'll in person - Love ya'll!!!

  2. So sweet! Your parents sound amazing. :)

  3. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Water works here too. :) Soooo sweet....

  5. I have waterworks also with this one. So happy for all of you. I think it is awesome that they loved you and their grandkids enough to make the journey. I am praising God for your wonderful family.


  6. oh this is simply amazing. tears!

  7. That is so special that they could go to ET & meet the babies!! These babies are so fortunate to be adopted into such a wonderful & supportive family!! (& to get a sneak pict of Eliana!!!! - oh, so adorable!!)!! Hoping & praying things will go well the next days!!

  8. I dont know what is cuter, your babis or their adorable grandparents. Will they adopt me?

  9. Perfect. Perfect day. Perfect pictures. Perfect people. God is so good.