Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Up on the Mountain and Such...

Yesterday we did our first bit of sight seeing. It wasn’t anything big, but it got us out of the city. We had one of our drivers, Surafel (thank you, Sumer!), take us up to Mount Entoto. It’s a quick drive just outside the city, and at the top you can see all of Addis Abeba. We got out at one point, and just took a few shots with the camera. As we were standing up there and soaking the view in, many people passed by. We saw groups of people training for long-distance running (they must gain some super lung capacity here because of the high altitude). We had a couple of boys stop and talk to us who were carrying large bags on their heads. I asked one of the boys what it was for, and he said he was collecting kindling to sell down in the city. They were picking up dry leaves and little twigs. They looked to be anywhere from 10-13 years old. Apparently they walk all the way down the mountain to go sell those in the main city. We gave them a couple of granola bars, which they LOVED. We also saw the very common sight of women taking the long trek down the mountain carrying big heavy loads of mostly branches, also to sell in the city. You could tell it was a very heavy burden to bear. Apparently they make very little money from doing this. It’s quite sad actually. We gave several of them 10 birr, and they allowed us to take pictures. Aren’t they beautiful? Oh how I wish that burden could be lifted from them (in more ways than one!).

One of the boys collecting kindling.
These two are brothers working together.
Tree overlooking Addis.
Donkeys making their way to the city.
Amazing women with a burdensome job.

In the afternoon we headed over to see Alex & Eliana. As usual, they were sweet and content the entire time. They even had a little diaper-free time in their room. Let’s just say there was plenty of mopping done during that time. Just before we were about to leave, I was taking my usual couple of shots for the day when all of the nannies starting asking for pictures with our babies. Every single one of them wanted pictures of themselves with Alex & Eliana. They were having a blast posing with them. Just as I was wrapping up, and the twins had already been put back in their room, Desta, Alex & Eliana’s favorite nanny, motioned to me to come inside for a second. She was very excited. When I walked in, both Alex and Eliana were sitting side by side in one crib, just quietly playing with their toys together. It was SO sweet. You can tell Desta is madly in love with our babies. I don’t even want to imagine the day we take them from the orphanage. It’s going to be Niagara Falls for many of us.

Some of the wonderful nannies at our orphanage. Oh how I love them!

They love to laugh.
I can’t believe it’s February now. In six days (February 7th), we will find out if we pass court. Please be praying! Once we pass we will be able to have Alex and Eliana with us 24/7. AND we will debut their beautiful faces online for all to see! I can’t wait! As for Wes and I, we are doing great. Life doesn’t feel too different here. It’s just a little more difficult to get around since we don’t know all the best restaurants and hang-outs yet, and well…it is a slightly different culture. ☺ All in all, though, we can’t really complain. We have plenty of food to eat, we have a good bed to sleep in, and don’t really lack much. That’s not to say I don’t look forward to going home (whenever that may be). I miss my friends, and I miss the comforts of my own culture and home. But I feel like God is just taking really good care of us. For that I am SO thankful.


  1. Nina, it's Corrie Catlett Merricks from Asbury and I've been following your story! My friends Russ and Anna are also in Ethiopia now so look for them. :) Blessings to you guys!

  2. What amazing pictures, Nina! Nate was able to take some similar pics when he went to Mt. Entoto, and I always wanted SO BADLY to know more about those precious, beautiful women and children carrying such HUGE loads up and down the mountain. I'm so glad you were able to spend a little bit of time there. Can't wait to hear about Monday!! :) I give you FULL PERMISSION to stay up for HOURS on the 7th uploading TONS of pics of your precious kiddos for the world to see. :) Who needs sleep anyways???

  3. Oh those precious little babies! Can't wait too see more of them :) I'm continuing to pray for you and Wes and those two little blessings!

  4. I love all the pics and the wonderful stories. I cannot wait to see more of those precious little babes. It won't be long and we can finally meet in person, see you guys on Sunday. God bless!!!

  5. Great post love all the pics! We hope to see you soon in Addis!

  6. Mamush Art gallery has a GREAT restaurant. Pasta, other things. It was really good. Plus they sell nice artwork.

  7. Hi is the "quilt lady" again...Audra has me addicted to your blog. I am in awe of your journey and the awesome power or God. BEAUTIFUL pictures. beautiful.