Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Our Little Miracles....

To our precious babies, Alexander and Eliana....

Happy birthday!  Today, you are three months old.  Three months ago your birth mommy brought you into this world because she loved you so much.  I can only imagine the tears of joy she shed for you when she first saw your faces.  She took care of you and fed you every day.  And because she loved you so much, she gave your daddy and me the best gift in the entire world:  You.  Three weeks ago, today, we saw your faces for the first time.  We fell in love.  We knew then that our lives would never be the same.  We cried so many tears of joy, and called so many people to tell them ALL about you.  We were SO proud!

And today we celebrate your lives, and how special it is to be your parents.  So since we can't be there with you today, we thought we would let everyone see what we are doing to get ready for you to come home, in honor of your birthday.

This is the chair we are going to sit in when you wake up in the middle of the night, or are lonely and just need to be held.  Those are some books your Daddy and I are going to read to you.  That little turtle by the chair used to be Daddy's.  Little babies love to sit on it, and I think you will too.

These are some of your clothes that we bought just for you.  Alexander, Daddy is really hoping that you will grow up to love basketball, so you can play together all the time.  That is why there's a University of Kentucky hoody hanging there just for you.  Your Daddy and I love to watch the Wildcats play!  Eliana, I think Daddy would like it if you played too.  ;)

These are some sweaters that your Bestemor (grandma) made for you.  She has been making them for the last 3 years just hoping that you would come soon.  Your Bestemor and Bestefar love you so much.  They show everyone your pictures wherever they go.  They are so proud.

These are just a few of the many diapers that you will wear.  Daddy is VERY excited about changing all of your diapers.  I think he wants to change all of your diapers, but don't worry, I will try to help him once in awhile too.

Eliana, these are some of your baby dolls.  You were an extra special surprise, because we didn't think we would be lucky enough to get a girl as well as a boy.  But Jesus knew how happy you would make us, so He gave both you and your brother to us.

Alexander, this train is for you, but I think your sister is going to want to play with it too.  I think you both will be good friends, and share everything with each other.

I was going to try to take a picture of the two doggies and the moose, but your friend Blue wanted to be in the picture too.  She must have known that I was taking pictures for you, and she wanted to make sure that you knew who she was.  She is very excited to meet you, and hopes you will rub her belly a lot, and not pull on her ears too much.  I think she is going to give you lots of kisses when you get home.

We love you SO much, our little Alex & Elli.  You are the greatest gift we have ever received!  Don't worry...soon you will be home safe and sound with your Daddy and me.

Happy 3 month birthday, my little ones!


  1. OK, so I cried again. You are soooo ready for your two little ones. They are very lucky to have you as parents and you are very lucky to have them as your childre. God knew you were going to be a family long before Elli and Alex were born.

  2. Dear Elli and Alex,
    I can't wait to tell you about how awesome the Chicago Bears are. Just like the Johnson boys I will be showing you videos of them on YouTube. Also, your mom and dad are wonderful!!!!

  3. Oh, sweet kiddos, I can't wait to meet you two!! Natalie will want to be your buddy and show you all the fun ways to drive your parents crazy. And we'll try to make sure she doesn't poke you in the eyes. (She will want to show us where your eyes are, she's very proud of that.)

    We know you will be so much fun and are already a huge HUGE blessing to your mommy and daddy! Trust me, they talk about you all the time and it's so awesome!

  4. This is a little bit creepy and random, but I thought I should share with you:

    I have a love for photography and happened to randomly find your photography blog a few weeks ago. I loved how you two were amazing photographers, real Christ-followers, and huge UK fans! Anyways, Tuesday I was checking to see if you had a new post, and I noticed the link to this blog. And of course I found it right after coming home from dinner with my boyfriend and his family; we were celebrating the seventeenth anniversary of his "Gotcha" Day from South Korea. Your story if so special! I just want to let you guys know that even though I don't know you, I am praying for you every day! God is doing amazing things in your lives and in the lives of your new babies!

    God Bless,

  5. Hi Baby A & E! Yes, it's true that people around the world are thanking God for you and are praying our hearts out for you to come home SOON. Happy 3 month birthday!!! Be blessed, sweet ones!

  6. ooo...i just realized we are the closest to Alex and Elli right now...maybe...and that we are in nearly the same time i can pretty much always pr.y for them while they are awake and guess what they might be doing! i love that. makes me feel closer to them...even though it might be a long time before I actually get to meet them. i love them so much and i agree with your mamma that you will be awesome parents and you are ready!

  7. Andrea,

    THank you for sharing! Not creepy at all! :) That is SO awesome. Even made me tear up a little. I can't wait to celebrate our babies' gotcha days every year. We are SO excited! I can only imagine how special those gotcha days are for your boyfriend and his family. Wow. I am in awe every time I think about how amazing God's gift of adoption is. SO amazing. Thank you for commenting, Andrea!

  8. I am so excited for you guys, Can't WAIT to hear that they are coming home!!!