Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Twins....a whole new world.

It's been five days since we received news of our son and daughter.  And apparently there has been 1,087 views of our referral video in the last 3 days.  That's crazy!  Everyone is getting to share in our joy....in our twins.  It feels so strange to say that....twins.  I mean, despite my dream, and despite all the things I hoped for, I still don't think I ever quite thought twins would become a reality for Wes and I.  Seriously, they have support groups for adoptive parents!  And then there are support groups for parents of multiples!  We are a family in need of two support groups?  Okay, I'm kind of joking, but I just think it's funny.  We've been a family of two (Wes and I....well, then there are the two cats and our prize of a dog, Blue) for almost 7 years (we'll hit the 7 year mark on October 4th!).  And now we are about to become a family of FOUR!  Wow!  I can hardly believe it! 

So now we are that family that people have to buy two of everything for.  Haha!  And you can't buy matching things, because they are a boy and a girl.  At least as far as clothes are concerned.  Wow, they are going to be just like Brandon and Brenda...(Give me a "Holla!"  if you got that 90210 reference!)...minus the high school drama, and the Beverly Hills life, and the drunken parties....Okay, so maybe they will be nothing like Brandon and Brenda, except for the twin thing....

Did I mention how happy and excited I am?!!!  I work from home, so sometimes I stare up at my cork board that is hanging right above my iMac, and I get lost in their little smiles and hands and ears, and their beautiful hair.  Their skin is so fair, and you can tell they are already developing happy little personalities.  Ah, I am SO in love!  So so in love....

So Wes and I bought a couple of items to send to our precious babes, and I thought I'd share the absolute cuteness of it all with you.
Okay, seriously...could this outfit be any cuter?!  I am dying to see a picture of her in this!
I LOVE polka dots and stripes together!
Wes picked this one out.

Wes also picked this one out.
SOOOO Cute!!!
And here are their giraffes!  We had to buy another one, of course!
They are currently sleeping with us at night so they smell like us when the twins get them.

Oh I just can't wait until these get to Ethiopia.  We are currently looking for someone to take them over for us in September.  If you know of anyone traveling to Addis, please let us know!

Last night, our friend Jessica came over.  She has a HUGE heart for Ethiopia and has spent a ton of time there.  She brought us several sweet gifts from her latest trip to Ethiopia, and I just had to post a few pics of those too.  I'm just so excited to be creating an Ethiopia collection of things in our house!

This came from the Fistula Hospital.  I can't wait to visit these beautiful women!
LOVE this silver ring!


  1. We are HOPING (desperately praying!!) to travel in September. If we do, we can take them. We would LOVE to!!! Don't know how your agency's orphanage works, but we would love to see your babies and love on them and take photos for you (David's planning to take his 5D over with us)!

  2. Hi. Those outfits are adorable! My baby girl Scarlett actually has that I love Daddy onesie. So darn cute! I love Target! :)

    I got your comment on my blog today and will shoot you an email. I leave in 9 days for Ethiopia, and would love to help you out in any way I can. Like I said. . . I'll shoot you an email. :)