Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Support Adoption and Project HOPEFUL, AND win some goodies!

Okay, this is another post about our adoption fundraiser.  We are only about 70 shirts away from being fully funded!  Woohoo!  AND, we are giving away two $50 gift cards!  You will get an entry for each shirt you purchase.  So we will have two winners!  Yay!  We sold 30 the first week, so we really need to get crackin' this second and final week of the fundraiser.  (All the T-shirt payment tabs are on the right side of the blog!) But, we are believing for above and beyond that amount.  Do you know why?  Remember how I said we would be donating to a ministry in Ethiopia with anything we made over our needed amount to fully fund our adoption?  Well, we are excited to announce that we are going to be giving everything over the needed amount, to Project HOPEFUL's Hope+ Sisterhood program!!!  If you haven't been over to their website, you need to.  It is an amazing organization whose "mission is to educate, encourage, and enable families and individuals to advocate for and adopt children with HIV/AIDS."  Their Hope+ Sisterhood program "seeks to offer HOPE to HIV+ mothers and to prevent unnecessary loss for their families."  Their website says:

"The HOPE+ program will provide a residential facility for up to 14 women infected with HIV and their children (HIV positive and not positive). Our goal is to rehabilitate them with medical and emotional care, provide job skills training, employment within in our facilities, and even micro-loans to begin their own small businesses so that they can secure a safe and stable future for their families. The children will also receive medical care, clothing, and an education."

How AWESOME is that?!!!  And if you haven't noticed these past couple of weeks, Project HOPEFUL's Twietmeyer family is making quite an impression in the media this week.  They are in a 5-page spread in this week's issue of People Magazine (with Kate Middleton on the cover).  Look, here's proof:
The usual cheesy face I'm so good at, and I'm also wearing my Project Hopeful shirt.
 So come on and let's raise some serious money for an AMAZING cause!  3 months ago, I was still scared of HIV and AIDS.  I knew nothing except for what I had learned way back when when Ryan White was in the news.  I thought it was a death sentence.  Now, because of Carolyn Twietmeyer and Project Hopeful, I know the TRUTH.  You can learn the TRUTH about HIV/AIDS too, right here:

And here's another glimpse at our t-shirts, just for review!
*remember that you will want to order the slim fit shirts 2 sizes bigger than what you usually wear!

Worth It - Africa- Unisex & Slim Fit (Cardinal)

Worth It - Africa- Unisex & Slim Fit (Charcoal)

Closeup of the back of the Africa shirt.
Worth It - Grunge- Unisex & Slim Fit (Charcoal)

Worth It - Grunge- Unisex & Slim Fit (Cardinal)

Worth It - Africa - Hoodie

Worth It - Grunge- Hoodie

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  1. Merry Christmas to me :) Just ordered a t-shirt! So glad I can help out. Praying that you sell out of shirts by the end of the week!