Sunday, November 21, 2010

The things that tide us over....

So everyone who has a referral (or has already gone through this before), knows what a HUGE blessing it is when people can go see your babies and take gifts to them for you.  It is simply amazing.  Whenever you feel like they aren't this is all a wonderful dream...this makes them real again.  A wonderful woman who has been working in Ethiopia for the last month or two, agreed to take a couple of items over to the twins for us when she got a chance.  Well this past week, she got a chance.  This is what she wrote me the other day:
"I have seen and hugged on your beautiful babies.  Finally got to the orphanage... its the one with the orange door.. the owner/director (2 men) happened to be there when we finally were allowed in...after some talking with Berhano, and then to me, they both said go right on in and we got to go inot the room where your angels are.... so cute laying there in their little cribs. the nanny brought me your little boy first, he greeted me with a big ole smile.... so much hair... talked with him and cuddled him for a bit before handing him to berhano who also hugged and talked to him in amharic.. then got a hold of your little girl.. what a sweetie.. smiles too and very intrested in my nose... at first I couldn't see that they were twins, until I layed them together in their crib.. then I saw the remsemblence.... so sweet.. our visit was short and sweet and I gave the nannies the clothes you sent.. a perfect fit... Your babies are perfect and beautiful and wonderful... such a blessing to be able to hold them and hug and love on them..
thanks for letting me be a tiny part of yur journey...they are simpy beautiful."
Ah, be still my heart!  I loved the details about their smiles, and all of Alex's hair, and Eliana grabbing hold of her nose....  So so real.  So wonderful.   I love imagining that Ethiopian man speaking to them in Amharic.  That just strikes me as the most beautiful picture, for some reason.  I love hearing how they are starting to look different.  When we first got the referral, and were given seven pictures of each of them, I couldn't tell the difference.  I finally had to write their names on the back of the pictures so I would know!  Now they are starting to look unique and different.  I love it!  

Oh, how I long for the day when we get to hold them in our arms.  It's coming soon.  Can't wait.

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