Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 2 in Ethiopia

Today was another wonderfully beautiful day.  We got up at 8am, had breakfast served in our guesthouse, and then headed over to see our babies. 

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I think that they actually remembered us.  Eliana immediately took to Wes today (yesterday she wasn’t too sure at first), and Alex just cooed and played the whole time. 

The orphanage they are in is absolutely wonderful.  It is so obvious that the nannies and nurses there care a great deal for all the children there.  They shower them with kisses, make sure their diapers are always changed, and it is SO clean there.  We have been SO impressed with this place.  It’s no wonder they have such sweet temperaments. 

I took some time to hold and play with a few of the other children today.  Two of the older girls just sat and braided my hair.  We skipped around the courtyard and just had fun with each other.

Cara Dee has done a fantastic job of documenting everything for us.  You MUST check out her blog at  She has captured memories that we will cherish forever.  Perhaps one day she and her husband Jacob will be back here themselves.  *hint, hint*  Okay, so maybe I’m really hopeful they will adopt.  J

Once again, Eliana fell asleep in my arms.  She breathes these deep breaths  that just fill my heart so much.  I love hearing her breathe.  It’s so real now.  Alex did NOT want to go to sleep.  He slept for about 20 minutes, and then woke up again.  He was so tired, but he just wants to look around, be held, and not sleep.  Wes tried everything.  Oh, and while Eliana takes her bottle fine, Alex can’t get enough!  The boy eats like crazy.  He went through two bottles while we were there, and THEN right before we left the nanny was feeding him traditional Ethiopian food and he was eating like a pro.  J

Alex is as big as he looks in the pictures.  Eliana is a little bit smaller, and much lighter.  They are both such happy babies.  It is truly amazing.

After we left the orphanage, we had lunch at a really good pizza place.  We practically licked the plates clean!  SO good.  We have not gotten sick yet, and we are planning on keeping it that way.  I think taking our probiotics and vitamins have helped, and  being careful what vegetables we eat and the water we drink.

After lunch we headed over to another orphanage, to deliver a few gifts to a little girl there.  Her parents have already passed court, and are just waiting for their embassy appointment.  She was so sweet, and showed off her gifts to everyone.  She also got new pictures of her with her parents, and even the cat and dog.  When I asked her if she thought it was strange that a dog would be living in her house (dogs don’t live in houses here), she responded matter of factly, “He doesn’t bite.”

And now here we are.  Sitting at a internet café full of other Ethiopians.  We are about to go to dinner.

Tomorrow, we are going to meet with our agency staff to go over court proceedings (which are on Tuesday!), and then to see Alex and Eliana again.  Then we will go meet up with the director of Project 61 over in Korah.  SO excited!

Until next time, thank you all for praying and loving us so much!  Your investment in our journey means so much.  It makes me cry just thinking about it!   


  1. Nina & Wes,
    We will be praying Monday and Tuesday!!
    we love you all,
    the Kuhns

  2. Nina... I feel so invested in this story. Ive never even met you and Wes. But my heart is so wrapped up in Ethiopia and I am so delighted with your passion for these babies... your babies. I am reading and remembering what it sounds like, smells like, in Addis. And then when you mentioned the pizza place, I knew exactly where you were. Enjoy your time. Learn to count to ten in Amharic :)

  3. I think I have refreshed this sight 189 times today hoping for updates. Gosh am I excited. I am looking forward to waking up on Tuesday and maybe see two new Mullins on this page. 19 days and we get to see the twins and the country where they were born

  4. Thank you..I am living my dream through you both!

  5. I am so excited for you both! What an exciting time! :)

  6. Nina and Wes,
    David says "I love you very much!"
    Allie says "Hi!"
    Sam says "What's it like in Ethiopia? And I can't wait to meet your new babies!"

    I totally agree! We love you guys and can't wait to meet your babies!


  7. We are so excited for you guys, can't wait to see their sweet little faces. We will be praying that everything goes well with your court day! God bless!

  8. I think I know the pizza place! At least there was an awesome, charming pizza place I went to when there. I am again, jealous...but oh so happy for you!!!!!!! keep the updates coming!

  9. Love all the updates!! Praying for a smooth court date tomorrow. So excited for you <3

  10. I love reading your updates!!! I'm so so so so excited for you guys!! Praying for an easy and smooth court hearing!- Renee H.

  11. Nina-
    I don't know if you remember me, we just emailed back and forth on adoption...we were both considering Nepal.... well Brad and I just got back from Kenya, Africa on a mission trip...and I for some reason was thinking of you and googled to find your blog... I am so excited that TODAY of all days I hopped on to find out you are getting twins and are already in Ethiopia! Praise God! I am so happy for you. For us, we're in the India program and hope to travel sometime in 2011.. referral is about 1-2 months away. Praying for all the logistics.. congrats! Renae.