Saturday, January 15, 2011

We met our miracles!

Okay, so today has been amazing.  I can’t write much, because we’re kind of on a time crunch where we are, for internet. 

We arrived in Ethiopia on time and without a hitch.  Our guesthouse is very nice, and we have a LOT of room, which is wonderful.

Okay, to the point….

Today we met our miracles. 

At about 10am, we walked through these black gates and into Enat Alem, the orphanage where Alex and Eliana have been for almost 5 months.  Across the courtyard, we saw two women holding both of them.  They slowly walked across the courtyard, and hand Eliana to me, and Alexander to Wes.  It was surreal to say the least.  I felt calm and nervous at the same time.  Tears welled up, but there was no crying.  Just lots of smiles.  It was like this moment was simply natural…as if it was always meant to happen, and it didn’t feel strange or overwhelming.  It just….was.  It was beautiful and it was perfect.

with Eliana

Alex & Eliana

It is SO obvious that the Alex & Eliana are EXTREMELY loved by all the staff at their orphanage.  We were so impressed by the care there. 

Eliana has TONS of personality.  She makes hilarious faces and knows it makes people laugh.  She just chills most of the time.  I held her for quite a while, fed her a bottle, and then she fell asleep on my chest.  She slept for about 20 minutes.  It was SO precious. 

Alex is SO active, and very independent.  He loves to be held, and just wants to see everything around him.  His laugh is beautiful.  He has curly and wispy hair.  Such a handsome guy.  Wes finally lulled him to sleep, where he just laid for about half an hour. 

I want to write so much more, but just know it was an amazing day.  Our hearts are so full.  It feels so good to be here.  It just feels right.  There’s no other way to describe it.  God has blessed beyond our wildest imaginations.  I am in awe.  I cried when I said goodbye to them. 

Okay, I will update you more when I get a chance.  Thank you all for your prayers!  It has been SO effective!  ☺
Eliana & Alex


  1. Ninamor,
    I can't to wait to come and see them. Alex has two BIG teeth. They are so beautiful. We have cried all morning. They sure are miracles.

  2. Thank you for posting so quickly. We have been thinking of you all nonstop. So happy for the four of you. I cried when I read Karen's post on fb that you all met and I cried through your whole post - happy tears of course. So happy everything went smoothly. Continued prayers!!



  3. OH, my heart is just filled with love and happiness for you all!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!! :) Renee H.

  4. Nina & Wes,
    We are so thrilled for you! We can't wait to meet them!!
    love the Kuhns

  5. What a wonderful day! Congratulations!

  6. What wonderful news! So happy for you both!

  7. So thrilled and overjoyed for your family of 4!! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics and someday hold your miracles! Praise God!!!!!!

  8. I am bawling tears of joy right now, covered in chill bumps, and even a little light-headed. Is that weird? I am so excited for you guys and for your little ones. And...I must confess, a tad jealous, because I am missing Ethiopia. Can't wait to meet your babies! Keep the posts coming! Much love and many prayers!

  9. So very excited to read your post today!!! What an amazing experience this is for you and for all your followers!!!! It brings me back to the day when Bob & I adopted our 2 kiddos almost 9 years ago!!! Crazy how fast time is speeding by. When we were waiting for our kids, every day felt like a year and now every year feels like a day! Can't wait for your next blog post!!! So very, very happy for you both!!! xoxoxo ~ Dawn