Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 9 Month Birthday...

So today is the twins' 9 month birthday.  I thought some pictures were in order.  And seriously, they just keep getting cuter and cuter.

Exactly 8 weeks ago today, we met them for the first time.  It seems crazy that we've been here that long.  It's crazy that we've had them with us for a month now!  Kind of unbelievable.

Their latest activities:

Alex is cruising now.  He can walk from one fixture to the next, as long as it's within his reach.  He LOVES to walk.  He has no fear at all.  Aside from when he is tired, he is a happy boy, full of energy and smiles.  When he is tired, he fights sleep as hard as he can.  He literally cries and cries even when his eyes are closed.  Can't wait for this phase to pass.  :)

Eliana clapped on her own for the first time this past Wednesday.  It was awesome.  I have been doing a lot of clapping and silly songs with them, but they haven't repeated anything.  The other day at the doctor's office, Eliana finally put those cute little hands together, and smiled the whole time.  She is really our easy baby right now.  She doesn't fuss much, and talks a TON.  Her 4 sounds are, geh-geh, bah-bah, da-da, and ma-ma.  So cute!

All the pics were taken at the Sheraton, if you're curious.  That is the most ridiculously nice hotel in Ethiopia.  It's pretty much the nicest hotel I've ever been to.  We just used it for a nice photo backdrop.

*praying that we will be coming home soon!  Our documents are being submitted to the embassy soon, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!


  1. LOVE these pics! And praying that you get to come home next week.

  2. Alex is dressed up like our high schoolers the day of a game. All nice and fancy. Is that what he is doing? Is there a game tonight? How does he like basketball. And that dress on Eliana, she looks like a princess. What an incredible cute couple.

  3. Oh my what sweet awesome photos. You will have a hard time taking photos of anything, anyONE else when you get home Nina!! Thanks for sharing all their activities with us. I love reading your blogs and seeing all the beautiful photos.. Praying you get to the embassy soon and home quickly!!

  4. Such cute pictures. Hope all goes well this week.

  5. Beautiful babies and beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for the updates!!

  6. love those last couple of "by the way" explanation paragraphs. i was wondering, WHERE are they with the curbs and green grass (ANY grass)? =} great photos.

  7. precious, precious babies!!! love the picts - they look so happy & content!