Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Another Day...

Not going to write much today.  Just thought you'd enjoy a few snapshots of the regular sights that can be seen in our everyday lives.

Alex & Eliana both love looking out the windows of our room.  They love looking at the people playing in the courtyard down below.

Eliana has become an expert at crawling onto and off of the shelf on the table.  She thinks she's hilarious. 

They both love crawling all over Wes.  He is like a magnet to these babies!  He is such a good daddy! 

These are the sweet times.


  1. These are like the images in my dreams! I can not wait to be in your shoes! I am a blogger friend of Bex and Jeanne-Ann and also a Dove waiting adoption parent. Any way! I am so grateful to all the families who share the joy of their children so that I can get a glimpse of what may be in my future. So happy for those of you & your children on the other side of this hard time for Ethiopian adoptions!!

    God Bless, Rachelle

  2. Oh Nina, so much love. Thanks for sharing it all with me.
    Poor Drew, my youngest son, who goes to the U of L, he's sad, Louisville lost a few minutes ago . thought maybe Wes would be interested in that....

  3. Have I mentioned that I want to hold these babies? :) Nate saw their pictures last night while I was looking at your blog, and he said, "Wow! They are beautiful!" :) Thought you would enjoy that!

  4. Every time I have tried to comment on your blog posts lately, I have some kind of problem - so I'm hoping this time it goes through! So happy for you and loving all the updates and the GORGEOUS pics. Wish you guys lived closer to give me lessons on editing pics. ;) Praising the Lord with you that things are going so well!

  5. Seriously...your fam is beautiful and I'm grateful for your words and pics so we can know more of the story... dang - I wish Kentucky were closer... Hugs to all the Mullins!!! Praying for details to come together!!! =)

  6. I Nina- this is Jennifer we worked together in Columbia- I thought about you the other day then I came across your blog. I have loved catching up on you and Wes and your new additions :) They are precious- praying for you to be able to come home soon!