Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Kind of Meetcha Day...

Okay, so maybe I have slacked a little in the blog department, but we are in the peak of wedding season, and being a full time stay-at-home mom, and a full time work-from-home mom has taken a bit of precedence.  But we are all well and happy in the Mullins home, and currently spending the 4th of July weekend down in South Carolina with my family.

Until this weekend, the only part of my immediate family that had met Alex & Eliana were my parents.  I have two brothers who live in New York and Oregon, so needless to say, we don't get to see each other too often.  My one brother, Erik, is currently in Ethiopia with his wife and children, waiting to complete the adoption of their newest additions, Haakon & Nyah (their 9 month old boy and girl!).  My other brother, Rune, and his wife Kerrie, and three boys, Evan, Tyler, and Adam, are here in South Carolina.  On Friday, they met Alex and Eliana for the first time, and it was a sweet little meetcha day for the Williams Family.

Yup, I still love to show off my "mean" face!

Everyone was a little shy at first....
Tyler was the first one to brave coming into the room.

Eventually they all made it in, and just stared at Alex and Eliana, and A&E stared back.

Tante Kerrie & Eliana

Alex is making his cousins laugh with that face again.

Sweet moments with Tante Kerrie.

Eliana wasn't sure what to think about her Onkel Rune.

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  1. So excited for your fam!!! Your kids are beautiful! Your family is beautiful!! (your 4 + all the rest!!) Can't wait for the day that Bob, Ia, Nina, Wes, Rune, Kerrie, Erik & Jeanne-Ann are all in the same room with all 9 kiddos!!! What a happy day that will be!! Thanks for sharing the pics...and the story!!! Hugs to you!