Monday, July 4, 2011

First Haircuts...

So it was a little scary to think of our little boy getting his first haircut, but we were confident this was the right thing to do.  The hair on the sides of his head was starting to look a big haggard, so we decided it was time to take the plunge.

We went to Sharkey's Cuts down in South Carolina, which is geared toward kids (as is made obvious by the car Alex is sitting in).  Alex LOVED it there.  He got to honk the horn while they cut his hair, and he had a blast looking at himself in the mirror.  They did a fantastic job, and we were so proud of how well he did.

It will be a while until Eliana gets her first haircut, but she still got some time in the Barbie car, which she also loved.

Look at all that hair!

We think he looks like a Who from Whoville here.  :)

Proud Parents.


  1. Adorable. I love the pictures! What a fantastic little family you four are. miss you all the time!