Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Fierceness of Peacocks...

So as most of you know, Wes and I went to Haiti in the end of April.  We had a wonderful 5 days there in which we were able to document some of the devastation that was left by the earthquake, but also the beauty that is the people of Haiti.  Of course, Wes loves the camera.  When he first started trying to pursue me, this was one of the first things he made very evident.  I was over at his apartment one night, and he starts showing me all these short movies he has made, starring none other than himself.  I mean, I'm no dating guru, but one of the last things I would have done to try to impress someone I liked, was show them self-made movies with me as the only star.  But, that's one of the things I love about my husband.  He doesn't care.  One short movie he made was made up of him simply talking to a girl on the phone.  My memory has gotten a little fuzzy since I saw it way back when, but in it he is having some kind of fight with her.  That's never hear her voice, or see her face.  All you are watching is Wes talking on the phone, having a pretend fight with some girl he likes.  And then fade to the last scene where, oh-no-he-di'n't!, he puts his hand on the front door and hangs his head down, as if she's just left his life forever.  It......Was......AWEsome!!!!  That little movie has left me laughing for years, much to the chagrin of my now husband.

So fast forward 7 years to the present day.  He still loves doing cheesy videos of himself, but now I am often included in the footage.  One day in Haiti, we kept hearing the weirdest animal noise (kind of sounded like a monkey), and finally realized there was a peacock on our hotel's property.  Of course, I always like a good photo op, just as much as Wes enjoys starring in his own films, so we set off to take a few pics.  Here is what soon unfolded.  Oh, and I should mention that I now indulge Wes, and join in on the fun....oh, and kudos to you if you can make it through the entire 3 minute video. You are a serious trooper if you can do that.

*Oh, and in case you're wanting any adoption news, there isn't much. BUT, our dossier is headed to D.C., which means in the next week or so it should be off to Ethiopia!


  1. I made it through the whole video and it made me chuckle....Wes does a pretty good Australian accent ;)

  2. hideous, ungodly creature....beautiful, beautiful peacock

  3. Thanks for the laugh! I've been inspired; I'll be heading to the store ASAP for a video camera.