Monday, May 10, 2010

Giveaway Winnners!

And we HAVE a winner!  Two, actually!  I decided to pick two, since I had two different t-shirts listed.  The first name I drew, will get to pick first, and then the second name will get the next choice of shirt.  As for the beanie, as long as both of you want one, I'm going to go ahead and send you each one!  I have more than one!  :)

Okay, the first winner is Kimberly Smith!  I JUST met this lovely woman on a trip to Haiti two weeks ago.  She works with Rain Catchers in Haiti and you should definitely drop by their website.  Almost 100% of all donations go toward their work in Haiti!  I know many of us give to some bigger organizations and wonder if our money ever went anywhere.  Well, Rain Catchers is small, but they are making a BIG impact and your money WILL go to the people there!

The second winner is Cindy S. from Georgetown, KY!  She is actually a childhood friend of my husband. We've met one time, and in the two minutes I held her little girl, I got poo all over me!  LOL!!  It was hilarious!  Cindy loaned me one of her shirts to wear (which I still have, by the way!), and all was well.  :)

So Kim & Cindy, contact me at so I can get your addresses.  Also let me know which shirt and size you would like, and we will see if we can accommodate you (the sizes I have are on the last blog post).  And then let me know if you would like the little beanie!  :)

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  1. got my tshirt today and I love it! Also got the beads from Uganda and I think my future d-in-law is going to love them (I love mine :)