Friday, May 14, 2010

A Special Shout Out to my Amazing Mother from Kari, the "Crazy Adoption Lady"...

Nearly 8 months ago, Wes and I made the decision to adopt internationally. One of the videos that truly spurred my heart on to adoption was Kari's.

And before I ever watched the above video, I watched this "referral" video of theirs. I put referral in quotes, because there was no referral received during this video, and it's REALLY long, but for some reason, I JUST kept watching and watching....They are such a charming family! It wasn't until weeks later that I watched their gotcha day video and I said, "I feel like I've seen these guys before. I MUST know them." YEah, it was because I had watched their really long referral video. LOL!!!

Fast forward to present day, and Kari and I have become good "bloggy" friends, as she calls it. :) I truly love her, and I have never even met her. But MANY of YOU know her, because you have either met her or know her through her blog, one of the top mommy blogs on the net: My Crazy Adoption
 She is AWESOME!!!

Anyways, my own crazy mom may be just as excited as we are about our adoption, and she has taken to a couple of adoptive moms and their blogs out there, one of them being Kari.  And often when someone really captures her heart, she knits for them.  Yup, you heard right....she knits.  She knitted 5 hats for Kari and her family.  She is amazing with those needles and yarn!  So today, Kari featured my mom on her blog.

Thank you, Mamma, for being such a fantastic mom, and thank you Kari, for telling the world about her!  :)

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