Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Very First Giveaway!!!

Okay, so we just sent out all the t-shirts from our first fundraiser. We made a grand total profit of $1289! Woohoo!!!! That filled up our first thermometer! That means that all agency and foreign fees are raised! Yeehaw! (yup, that's right. I said, "yeehaw"!) And we even have $9 in our travel expense thermometer. Hey, it's better than nothing! Anyways, once again I would like to thank Kari from My Crazy Adoption who provided the design and rights to sell these wonderful t-shirts.  She is AWEsome, and you should pretty much read her blog daily!

My version of organization.  This is how I had them laid out in order to package them in an "orderly" way.

The card we attached to the shirts.

Me sporting one of our shirts.  Although, part of me only wanted to post this because the distortion of the lens at this angle makes me look nice and skinny.  

So, in celebration of such a joyous occasion, and in celebration of the upcoming Mother's Day, I thought a giveaway was appropriate.  We ordered a few extras for giveaways and gifts, so here we go!  We are giving away a Large (unisex fit), Simply Love shirt, as seen below.  They are super soft, and simply beautiful!

And then, just because I can, I am throwing in a hand-knit Norwegian baby's hat.  Yeah, I know summer is almost upon us, but I know some of you adoptive parents are going to be new parents in the winter!  My mother born and raised in Norway, and therefore is a serious whiz with needles and yarn.  Isn't this hat adorable?!!!

So, what do I have to do to win these wonderful and luxurious prizes?
Well, since mother's day is coming up, I thought something related to motherhood would be nice.  So, with that said, just leave a comment on this post about your funniest mom moment.  It can be a moment you had with your own mother some time in your life, or a moment you've had with your own children.    Laughter is just so darn good for us, and that's why I love hearing funny stories.  So start commenting and story-telling away!  And if you can't think of a funny story, give me your best mom advice!  Men are also welcome to comment.  Even though the giveaway is a bit girly, you can always give them to your wife or daughter!   You have until the end of Thursday to post your comments!  And instead of picking our favorite, we're just going to put all your names into a little drawing!


  1. My dad had a heart attack back in 2008. I had a 2-1/2 year old and 6 month old and because of my husband's work schedule, decided to make the 18 hour drive back to IN by myself. I ended up picking up my sister and her husband on the way. My brother-in-law, Dan, was driving. The roads were windy, it was hard to see because of the fog, and wind was whipping through, pushing us around a tad. My sister decided she was cold, so they had the heat on in the front. I was quite carsick, so I turned the air on in the back. Pretty soon, Grant said, "Mommy, hot! HOT!" I turned an air vent directly on him. It settled him for a minute, and then urgently screamed, "Mommy, Owie! Owie!" I asked him where his owie was, and as soon as he started to tell me, he began throwing up. He was so carsick that he was literally sick. It was 45 degrees out, pouring down rain, and I told Dan he needed to stop NOW! Stefi was about to get sick because of the smell in the van, so we rolled down the windows, allowing the cold air and pelting rain into the van. When we got to the gas station, I took Grant out of his seat to find that he was covered in peuk. I took his shoes and socks off and put him barefoot on the ground (remember, it was 45 degrees and raining!), stripped him down to his diaper and the poor boy was screaming and shivering. His teeth were chattering and all he kept saying was, "Yuck! Yucky!" I agreed wholeheartedly. Stefi was scrambling to get him some clothes. As she opened the trunk, the box of snacks fell out and our food spilled onto the ground. No more snacks for the rest of the trip...I just got the giggles and was practically doubled over from laughing so hard. People were walking by and giving me the dirtiest looks because I was standing there with my shivering 2 year old while splitting a gut, but what are ya gonna do? We finally got the carseat out of the car and took it into the bathroom. We got Grant dressed, I cleaned out the carseat and put everything in a plastic bag until we could get to IN. I walked out and saw Stephanie and Dan in the gas station...without my 6 month old baby. Where was he? They forgot he was in the van and left him out in the cold with the doors open to air out the terrible smell. I felt like the worst mom in the world! So after apologizing profusely to my baby, I realized I had a new quandry....Grant's carseat was soaked, so where was he going to sit? I laid him down in the backseat and told him it was time to go to sleep, which he did after much complaining. But the poor kid rode illegally for the next 6 hours!

  2. Love it, Sara! Ah, such an honest account. That story rocks! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The Day I Should have Gone to Jail!

    Back in 1994, I was blessed with a white Lincoln Towncar, and I prided myself in keeping it clean. With a 5 year old son & a 4 year old daughter, keeping a car clean was nearly impossible. But I was determined...
    After a few days of spring rain, I decided to take my Lincoln to the carwash & give it a quick detail. I home-schooled my children at the time, so we made it a field trip. After washing the car, I pulled over to the vacuum, which was right beside a grassy field. I told my children to step out of the car, stand by mommy, and to stay OUT OF THE GRASS (which, of course, was wet & muddy). As my first cycle of cleaning came to an end, and it was now time to clean the beautiful & clean blue car mats that I had pulled out of the car, I noticed muddy imprints just about the size of my son's little cowboy boots all over one of the mats. Trying to control my anger at him, I popped his rear-end, picked him up & PLACED him in a certain spot, and told him that, if he dared to move, his punishment would be even greater than what he currently had coming! (Anyone who knows me knows that I mean what I say!!)
    Well, as I completed my 2nd cycle of vacumming, and the machine turned off, my 4 year-old daughter said in her tiny little voice, "Mommy, what does it mean when someone looks at you with a really mean face & sticks their middle finger up at you??" I looked at her, then at her brother, who was looking at her with eyes that could kill. I asked her why, and she said, "Well, that's what bubby was doing while you were vacumming & you couldn't see him". Suddenly, as a Christian mom, who couldn't imagine where my son learned such behavior, and knowing that he was guilty by his threatening looks at his sister, and who now felt so hurt by such a bold & vulgar action by my small child, lost my mind, took the large (and heavy) mat that I was holding, and begun "Spanking" my son with it!
    Now imagine this with me for a moment...you are driving by a car wash, when all of a sudden you see a woman literally flogging her 5 year-old son (to my defense, he was the height & size of an 8 year old)-like a crazy woman-with a car mat! It was in about the 7th - 8th swing that I had an out of body experience & realized what I was doing! I stopped in mid-air, begun to cry deliriously, told my kids to get in the car, drove home, put my children down for a nap, and went outside, laughing & crying at what just happened - but most of all, thanking God for His grace in the fact that no one turned me in for child abuse!!!

  4. This is a story about Nina. I hope that some of you will read it and see why I have gray hair.
    It was the Christmas season a month or two before she was 3. We were at Sears during this very busy season. The mall was packed with shoppers. The toy department was back to back with the bathroom displays. Nina was doing really good with her toilet training at that time. As we were looking at the toys I heard a loud voice from the bathroom display department saying: "mamma, I am finished!!!!!" (just use your imagination). Without hesitating at all I turned to my husband and said: "She is your daughter" and I took off the another department faster than he had the time to respond.

  5. Here's a funny story from last night! As a new mom, for all you moms out there who can relate, I have a small attention span due to a lack of sleep! lol... So anyways, we're at Kroger and my daughter is really, really excited to get to the bakery because they give her free cookies! I mean, who wouldn't be excited about that, right Nina?? I've allowed her to have her own mini-shopping cart (gotta love Kroger) and she's following closely behind me through the produce department. The problem is, as we're walking and she's oozing excitement, she doesn't have the best control over her driving. She keeps getting closer and closer to me with that crazy, ankle bitting shopping cart...thanks again Kroger. Finally, she sees the goal...COOKIES....and makes a run...right into me. Man! It hurt. I was actually proud of myself for turning to her and telling her to calm down because "we'll get there." "Ok Momma...I calm down." Two seconds later, she does it again...and again...and AGAIN! What made this situation more entertaining was the amusement we were able to bring to those around us. All I could hear was chuckling and laughter.

  6. First, let me just say how excited I am for you and Wes. You are both in my prayers :) I have so many great Mommy stories....from my Mom and my kids. Here's one of my faves.

    At church last Sunday a lady came up to Ian and said, "Hey Ian how are you doing cutie?"...to which Ian replied, "*sigh* I'm pretty good, but I had diarrhea out of my butt this morning."

    At least he's honest :)

  7. Cindy-Ummmm...yeah....that story made me laugh out loud! Hilarious!

  8. When Aaron was 2 his favorite movie was Dumbo. He LOVED it and watched it as much as possible. He also LOVED elephants and watched hours of documentaries about them. One day we were at the airport waiting for a flight and looking out of the window. A little child with very large protruding ears came over and Aaron became so excited and started saying (in a voice to loud to be ignored, but not yelling) "DUMBO! DUMBO!" He was thrilled and very happy. He had met the perfect friend. :)

  9. My funniest story comes from sweet adorable Elijah. When he was younger and we lived in Nepal he had long hair. Well everyone would ask chora or chori, boy or girl. He would get really angry about it. Not angry enough to want a haircut:-)Anyway some girls asked him one day chora or chori. They loved to tease him and knew the answer. He was in a stroller, stands up motions with both hands towards his crotch and wells in perfect Nepali, "Do you want to see this?" Everyone around heard him and laughed pretty hard. From then on he would say that to anyone who asked. Even one of the sweet old ladies at the home. Opps! Finally, he got lice and we buzzed his hair and the questioning stopped.

    We are praying for you all. You may know that Silas and I have kept up with you and have been praying for you all in this adoption journey. Blessings to you.

  10. When Isaac passes gas we tell him that his booty is saying "Toot! Toot!" So now when he hears anyone else pass gas (*cough* his daddy) he will make the funny sound effect. We think it's hilarious, but I'm sure it will eventually happen at a very inappropriate moment.

  11. AWWWW you just made my day!! I love my crazy bloggy friends & simply love helping FUNdraise together!!

  12. funny mom moments happen around here every day... with five kids, and one more on the way via ethiopia :)
    let's see... last night in front of a whole baseball team full of parents... my four year old looked at me and said,
    "i'm not getting you ANYTHING for mother's day... you don't do anything."
    very, very nice.

  13. My very three year old Elijah is full of laughs, loves to be the center of attention and loves to tell jokes. The other day he was playing with his trains on the floor spinning them around the track playing really nice. I had one eye on him as I was having some quiet time. Suddenly he popped up from playing and said "oh mom, I forgot to show you!" "What?" I said. He reached in his pocket to the very deepest part he could find and said "Here, look closer". I leaned over, very curious at this point, and faster than I could put it all together, he pulled out his hand, stuck his finger in his mouth and then in my ear, yelling "wet willy momma!". Sigh... he got me. Then proceeded to laugh so hard my husband came in from the back of the house asking what happened. When he found out what Elijah had pulled off he laughed and said "I told him to do that a week ago". Oh BOYS, I tell ya.

  14. I was sitting at our computer one day, and my oldest son (about 4 or 5 at the time) comes up to me and asks me if I'm going to die some day. In my mind, I'm thinking of all the things I can say without upsetting him but being honest at the same time. I said yes, but that's why we eat healthy food, and exercise to take care of our bodies. He responded, without hesitation, 'When you die, can we get a dog?'

    (NOTE: I have extreme dog/cat allergies so that prevents us from having them as a pet.)

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