Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Surprises...

Today I walked out to the mailbox and discovered an overstuffed envelope in it.  When I opened it up, I knew immediately who it was from:  my parents.  I have a feeling my mom was the main force behind this purchase, but my dad is just as excited as my mom.  I'll ask later.  For now, I am just posting a pic of the goodies within the envelope.  If you can't tell, there seems to be a lot more girl clothes than boys.  Chances are pretty high that we will get a referral for a little boy.  But that doesn't stop my mom from hoping.  She will be happy with a boy too, but she REALLY wants a girl.  I was actually surprised she managed to get any boy clothes in there at all!
By the way, my mother seems to call me every other day crying, because she has either watched someone's gotcha day video, or she is reading an adoption blog. She tells me that she has never felt this way, and can't figure out why she is emotional all the time. She asked if it will go away once we have our babies (she is waiting on the two my brother and sister-in-law are adopting, and the one or two we are adopting). I told her that it probably will not. Do you think she has caught the orphan/adoption bug? I think so. Love you Mamma!


  1. Hi! It was so fun meeting up with you guys last night...we are so excited and are praying for you! I love your blog!!!!! Can I add you to our list!? Hope to see more of you! Jackie, for Charley too

  2. Yes, and ditto! And Yes, you can definitely add us to your list! :)