Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So today, the package I have been waiting for since last week, arrived.  My first pair of TOMS!  Yay!  AND, our baby's first pair of TOMS too!  I was inspired by my blogger buddy, Bex, who purchased the same pair of Tiny TOMS recently.  I think she has eagerly been waiting the arrival of mine too!  :)  What's awesome about these shoes is that for every pair you buy, they give a new pair to a child in need.  You need to check them out!  So, since I am a photographer, and sometimes I can't stop taking pictures, I am posting a few of our new shoes.  These are all taken with my iPhone 4 and edited with Kubota Actions. 
When Wes got home and saw these, he said he got choked up looking at the little ones.  Oh I just can't wait for this little pea to come home!


  1. WOOHOO! LOVE these!!!! :-) Love the pics, too!

  2. hey nina! i think karen already passed on the info, but we are having an Ethiopian New Year's celebration on Sept 12th in Wilmore, if you guys want to join us!!! Would love to see you guys soon!