Saturday, April 3, 2010

2 Week Fundraising Blitz!!!

Okay, we finally have T-shirts!  We got the design and rights to sell these shirts from another wonderful adoptive mother.  So here we go.  We have two designs:  One for women, and one for men.  Personally, I am a HUGE fan of the men's shirt, and already have some women that want it instead of the women's, because it is so supremely AWESOME!!!  But I seriously LOVE both of these designs.

Okay, so we are going to take two weeks on this blitz, so don't wait until the last minute!

100% of ALL Proceeds will go toward the adoption of our little boy or girl from Ethiopia.  We need all the help we can get!  In addition, you get to raise awareness for the need of adoption across the globe.  There are an estimated 147 MILLION ORPHANS across the world!  Help us make it 147 Million Minus ONE!!!

*Keep in mind that we will order the shirts AFTER the 2 weeks (around April 19th).  

Women's Simply Love Africa T:

The Women’s T shirts come in 2 styles.   You can choose from the women’s UNISEX FIT:  these are NOT slim fit and will fit like a unisex/men's cut.  You can choose from the women’s SLIM FIT: this will fit slim, form fitting, with cap sleeves.  Ladies- you will want to order up 1 to 2 sizes bigger for the slim fit shirt.  The black T has Tiffany blue swirls and the saying on the back- Love Will Always Find A Way.  The verse Phillipians 4:6-7 surround Africa.  
Women’s Options:
  1. Unisex fit- roomy just like your hubby’s T shirts.
  2. Slim fit- form fitting, longer in waist, with cap sleeves. 

Hunter Green "Man Up" Africa T:

The Men’s T shirts are extremely soft and fit regular men’s cut.  The army inspired shirt has black and red colors, and the saying on the back  “Man Up. Protect and Love the Fatherless."  The verse Philippians 4:6-7 surround Africa on the front.

Men’s Options:
1.  Unisex- fits regular men’s cut

*Update:  I have had several women say they like the "men's" shirt, so now I have made it available in slim fit too!

** Update April 19, 2010:  All Shirts have been ordered, but stay tuned for fun giveaways and future t-shirt fundraisers!


  1. How do I order these t-shirts?

    ~ Dawn

  2. Hey Wes and Nina,
    Rejoicing with you!!! I would love to order a bunch of these shirts for our do I go about that?
    Steve Waggoner (Nathan's brother)

  3. Wes and Nina,
    Rejoicing with you!!! I would love to order a bunch of these shirts for our do I go about that?
    Steve Waggoner (Nathan's brother)

  4. hello,
    my church is currently trying to fund a school in uganda and we wanted to make shirts. I really like your simply love logos! I am not really good at making logos but we wanted to create shirts to raise awareness. Is there anyway you would be willing to share your logo file? I really like it! it is 100% non profit! thanks!

  5. Hi psalm139girl! Actually those shirts are a design made by You would need her permission to use the design, but I believe she sells rights to use them still. The profits go toward adoption. This is what we had to do when we did our fundraiser. They are awesome shirts!