Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty in the Rubble...

At an orphanage in Haiti.  Their home is no longer standing, but you still might catch a beautiful smile.

Tents are placed where houses used to stand.

She is precious.

Drawing on the wall that used to enclose this orphanage.  This must have been something the children saw a great deal after the earthquake.

So much rubble.

They sang for us.


  1. Beautiful pics....what an amazing trip. Praying for your safe travels :)

  2. So amazing Nina and Wes! We can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. Miss you guys lots!
    Aim, Jer, Abby & lil J

  3. I absolutely love pictures 1 and 5. Their expressions are so rich and beautiful. They're museum gallery worthy. Kind of pictures you get in Time Magazine :). When I grow up I wanna take pictures like these!

  4. Thank you all! It was an amazing, albeit short, trip. We feel blessed to have been able to go!

  5. Jonathan's uncle had worked with a Holt orphanage over there for some time before the earthquake, and was able to bring all the children home to their waiting adoptive families shortly after the earthquake. Pictures of the orphans there break my heart more than most things. I still have the picture of the kids he got to bring back as the background on my computer so that I can pray for them...