Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great Expectations and Fantastic Causes...

People are always asking us if we want a boy or a girl.   Well, the answer is always, "Wes is leaning toward a boy, and I am leaning toward a girl."  So, we have told the agency that we are open to either gender.  Of course, given the fact that there seem to be more boys than girls coming up for adoption in Ethiopia, I have a feeling we will get a little boy (But I don't care!  I can't wait for a boy OR a girl!).  That doesn't stop my mother from continually buying things for a little girl, though.  My parents were up this weekend, and she walks in the door with this adorable tutu. it, but won't look so great on our little Wesley Jr.  (no, that's not what we are going to call him).  And then my mom and I stopped by the Gap yesterday, and strolled through the kids section.  I am really starting to enjoy dreaming about what our little baby will wear.  Girls clothes seem WAY cuter, but we'll figure out how do dress our little man too.  That didn't steer us away from the clearance section, though, and once again we found something SO cute.  My mom couldn't resist, and she bought this awesome little coat and pants combo.  I LOVE IT!

So we may get a boy, but we'll have plenty of clothes for the girl we get next (if she doesn't come first, that is!).

Another little tidbit I'm excited about is this BEAUTIFUL necklace I just received in the mail.  I mentioned it briefly in my last post, but you seriously need to check out this organization again.  The website is, and they are selling necklaces for another organization called Amazima Ministries.  This organization works with people in Uganda, and well you just need to check them out.  Buy all the necklaces you can!  You'll help feed those in need!

Aren't these GORGEOUS?!!!  I LOVE my necklace!

*Oh, and as a side note, we are STILL waiting for our partner agency in Atlanta to approve our home study.  They are taking FOREVER, but I think they are pretty busy.  But once that is done, our agency in Kentucky can send our entire dossier to them, and then they will send it on to Ethiopia.  Oh pray that it happens soon!
**We will be in Haiti this coming week (pray for us while we are there, that God will be glorified, and that we get to pour out the love!), so our blog will be a little silent for a few days, but I can't wait to return, and start some great giveaways!  Yay!

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