Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adoption and the Limited Edition Maker's Mark Bottle: Calipari Edition

Okay, so usually bourbon and adoption aren't two words you see in the mix together, but this week they are.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind of a day, but what a blessing of a day it has been.  To make a long story short, our local ABC station, WTVQ, came over to our home tonight to do a story on our adoption from Ethiopia.  When the reporter called me, she told me she would be coming in about an hour.  I gave a very non-chelant, "Sure, that sounds great!" but a little bit of urgency set in.  The house was a CRAZY mess, and Wes was at work.  After calling several different numbers, I finally got a hold of Wes and said, "The news is coming over in an hour!  Can you come home now and help me clean?!"  So, I piled stacks of papers in boxes, clean laundry was thrown in a pile in our bedroom, carpets were vacuumed, and Wes cleaned the heck out of the kitchen, which is where we ultimately had the interview.

The wonderful Jacqueline Sprague interviewed us.  She asked a lot of good questions about our adoption journey, but seemed genuinely interested at the same time.  We were both really impressed by her.

So tonight the story aired at 10pm and will be coming up again at 11pm.  They introduced the story by saying that there was still a chance to get one of those coveted Calipari Maker's Mark bottles, and the source of that bottle was a couple who was selling it to raise money for their adoption.  That couple, of course, is us.  :)

We are still trying to figure out the best way to go about selling this bottle.  Ebay?  Craigslist?  Some kind of silent auction?  Well, in the next couple of days we will have it up for sale in one form or another (And if any of you have any better ideas, please let us know!  We are open to suggestions!), so keep your eyes open, and just remember that 100% of the proceeds from this bottle (and everything else we sell!) will go towards bringing our little boy or girl home from Ethiopia.

Handmade hats by my amazing mother, Ia Williams.

Right now we have got T-Shirts for sale, and we are still selling several UK hats for $25 each.  (If you are interested in the hats, just let us know by dropping us an email at mullinsadoption@gmail.com)

Tonight, once again, we just realize how blessed we are, and how special this interview was.  Hopefully it will not only help us bring our child home, but it will also raise awareness for the need of the some 147 million orphans across the world who need forever families.  Consider ADOPTION!!!  It's not easy, but we know it's worth it!


  1. Congrats! on the TV interview. Hopefully that will help to promote the bottle some as well as raise awareness for the need of the millions of orphans across the world to get permanent families.

    You have had some great ideas for raising money, I certainly hope that you reach your goal and bring your new child home.

    All the Best to You and Your Family

  2. Thank you, Connie! We all get really creative with fundraising when it comes to adoption. You have to! haha! We've stolen a lot of good ideas from other adoptive parents too. :) And I totally hope that our story inspires others to adopt!

  3. Glad to see 36 got to do a more in-depth story with you. Wish we could have done more too!