Thursday, April 1, 2010

Were all Americans born in Ohio?

Okay, so perhaps you're wondering about the title of this post.  Well, it's just sarcasm, really.  I mean long can it take to get a stinkin' birth certificate in the mail?  I was born in Vermont, and got mine in 3 days.  Wes was born in Ohio, and it's been 3 weeks already since we ordered it.  I called today and they said it would take "a couple more weeks", whatever that means.  She also said she had about 2,000 applications from Florida alone.  I guess everybody born in Ohio goes to Florida at some point or another???

Well, she told me the easiest thing to do was to drive there myself, or to have someone pick it up for me, that it would only take 45 minutes that way.  Fabulous (she says to herself sarcastically, again).  So, anyone out there in adoption land want to drop by 225 Neilston Street in Columbus, OH tomorrow?  I'll send you anything you need.  :)

This is the only thing holding up sending our dossier to Ethiopia.  Ugh.  Well, as usual, I just have to go with the flow, because there is no other option.  :)

Thanks for stopping by my sarcastic gripe for the day.

The End.

p.s.  On a GOOD side note, we just got $2000 for our adoption!  YAAAAYYY!!!  We brought our crappy car by a dealership in South Carolina, and we mentioned that we were going to give all the money from the car to our adoption fund.  Well, I don't know what kind of magic the guy finagled, but between the fact that my dad has bought his last 5 cars from him and the fact that we were giving all the money toward our adoption, he gave us $2000.  THANK GOD!!!

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